WaterLase® Laser Dentistry We offer advanced gum disease treatment in Rocklin, CA.

Biolase Waterlase iPlus dental laser systemAdvancements in laser dentistry have made gum disease treatment in Rocklin, CA, much more efficient and less painful than traditional gum disease treatment. Dr. Darce Slate practices laser dentistry to provide you with the least invasive treatment possible in modern dentistry. The Biolase WaterLase® uses water and laser energy to perform many dental procedures, reducing heat, friction and pain.

Benefits of WaterLase® Laser Dentistry

WaterLase® laser dentistry uses water and laser energy for a variety of dental treatments. This combination eliminates the heat and friction that traditional dental drills create. Without heat and friction, discomfort is greatly reduced.

This versatile option in laser dentistry is used for a range of dental procedures from removing tooth decay to gum disease treatment in Rocklin, CA. Our patients report less pain, less bleeding and a faster healing time with WaterLase® laser dentistry.

As usual, it was a great experience. Thank you Dr. Slade and staff. You guys are awesome. A highly rated, top notch dentist.

– Cherlyn O.

Gum Disease Treatment in Rocklin, CA

If you have diagnosed with gum disease, it is important for you to seek treatment, as soon as possible, to prevent the disease from advancing and causing more damage to your gums and bone. Many patients avoid gum disease treatment in Rocklin, CA, because they fear the pain associated with traditional gum surgery. With WaterLase® laser dentistry, you can put your fears to rest.

lasersprayredWaterLase® gum disease treatment provides a conservative and accurate approach. Our patients are happy to learn that with laser dentistry, scalpels and sutures are not needed for treatment. The laser not only removes bacteria and diseased tissue, it also seals the area for an ideal healing environment.

Don’t let your fear keep you from seeking the dental treatment you need. Your oral health is important to your overall health, and should not be ignored.

Schedule a consultation appointment for gum disease treatment in Rocklin, CA, today. We look forward to welcoming you to our office and telling you more about the benefits of laser dentistry.