Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly Our Invisalign® dentist in Rocklin, CA, offers a clear, comfortable alternative to braces.

Invisalign logoIf you are unhappy with your crooked teeth, but don’t want the hassle of traditional metal braces, Dr. Darce Slate, Invisalign® dentist in Rocklin, CA, has a solution for you! Invisalign® uses discreet, clear braces to straighten your teeth.

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Your Invisalign® dentist in Rocklin, CA, offers a clear alternative to traditional orthodontics. Using a series of virtually undetectable clear aligner trays, Dr. Slate is able to straighten your smile without ugly metal braces. Traditional metal braces are not just unsightly; they cause a number of issues, including:

  • Discomfort
  • Mouth sores
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Difficulty eating

Invisalign® provides a clear braces technique using custom aligner trays to gradually move your teeth and straighten your smile.

Invisalign in color vs. traditional braces in greyscaleThe Invisalign® Process

Dr. Slate, your Invisalign® dentist in Rocklin, CA, will first evaluate your oral health to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®. This clear braces technique will begin with x-rays and impressions used for creating your custom aligner trays. These clear, custom trays are nearly invisible and you will wear them day and night. About every two weeks, your aligner tray will be replaced with another to continue the tooth straightening process.

Have been a patient for over 6 years, Dr Slate and his staff are the best around. Hygienists are very friendly, thorough and get you in and out quickly. They definitely know what they are doing here.

– Nicolas H.

Invisalign® clear braces are removable, so you can eat whatever you like, and cleaning is a breeze! There are no metal brackets and wires to trap food or cause mouth sores. The clear braces aligner trays are smooth, comfortable and virtually undetectable. While the length of treatment varies from patient to patient, your Invisalign® dentist in Rocklin, CA, has found that most patients have completed treatment in about a year.

If you are unhappy with your crooked teeth and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of metal braces, call your Invisalign® dentist in Rocklin, CA today for a consultation.

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